Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Pros and Cons of The Star Wars Black Series !!!

The Pros and Cons Series continues . First was the Masters of the Universe Classics line, then WWE Mattel, and now the six inched scale Star Wars Black Series . First up are the Pros , the positives .

               The Pros of the six inch scaled Star Wars Black Series
                           (  The  Positives  ) 

( 1 )  THEY ARE ABUNDANT AND EASY TO FIND - Rather you buy them online or in person . Available at Walmarts, Targets , Walgreens , GameStops , etc .

( 2 ) THEY ARE AFFORDABLE  AND ARE  OFTEN DISCOUNTED AT RETAIL -  Always hovering around the $19.99 thru 20 dollar price range . Plus if you get lucky and look around in person you may find some movie figures such as a Rey or Finn on sale at any local Game Stop stores for under ten dollars .

( 3 )  ALL MEDIA OUTLETS OF THE STAR WARS FRANCHISE ARE REPRESENTED  - .Not just characters from the movies, since Star Wars began as a movie franchise before anything else . However characters from Star Wars comics and cartoons are also represented .

( 4 ) LIGHT SABERS CAN BE DISPLAYED AS IF THEY ARE ON OR OFF - In the older figures , the light saber blades could be inserted in and out of the handles . Now with the more recent figures the light saber handle comes with no beam and now the beams no longer detach from the handles like they used to . Whichever method you prefer this is a nice luxury .

( 5 )  ALL CHARACTERS THAT CARRY PISTOLS HAVE A TRIGGER FINGER -  Having a trigger finger makes  it easy to hold their weapons .

( 6 ) THE FIGURES HAVE NICE TIGHT JOINTS AND ARE STURDY -   They seem to be made out of a nice hard plastic . Even though Star Wars Black and Marvel Legends are from the same company, Hasbro , the Star Wars Black figures do not have the frequent problem of loose articulation joints that the Marvel Legends line have .

( 7 )  THE PACKAGING THAT THE FIGURES COME IN ARE NICE AND STURDY -   Made out of a hard cardboard . Plus the packages are very easy to open . Figures can easily be taken out of packaging and put back in neatly too .

( 8 )  SEVERAL  FIGURES COME WITH REMOVABLE HEAD GEAR -  Rather the gear be masks or helmets . For example , the first Darth Vader figure in the line can have his mask removed to see Anakin Skywalker's face underneath . Also the X-Wing fighter versions of Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron have removable helmets . Plus don't forget about Jango Fett, same with him . This is a nice luxury as it allows multiple display options , such as characters appearing with or without the headgear , or holding the headgear in their grasp .

( 9 )  THE BIOS ON THE PACKAGING ARE INFORMATIVE -   Even though you don't get information such as physical stats like height, weight and powers, however lots of the bios detail a character's allegiance or intentions .

( 10 )  THE FACES ARE NOW MORE REALISTIC LOOKING ON THE MOST RECENT FIGURES  -  The figures not only look like the actors and actresses they are representing , but now have more realistic details in their facial features . Take a look at the eyes of the Qi'Ra figure for example . Notice that her eyes are fully detailed with pupils, iris , etc. She has actual eyes and not just black dots for eyes . Nice work .

Now on to the Cons , the negatives .
                             The Cons of the six inch Star Wars Black Series
                                 (  The  Negatives )  

( 1 )   ARMY BUILDER CHARACTERS MUST BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY  -  Storm Troopers among several other army builder characters do NOT come in two packs or three packs. They must be purchased separately . An example of this situation being a con is " what if you go to a store with only one Storm Trooper . Then you use up your gas in your vehicle to search for another Storm Trooper figure at another store . Whereas a Storm Trooper two-pack or three pack would have prevented the extra travel and usage of gas .

( 2 ) STILL WAITING ON SOME OF THE REALLY LARGE MONSTER CHARACTERS -  At the time of this writing at least . Hopefully this is just a TEMPORARY negative . However I am still waiting on The Rancor for the six inch scale .

That's it folks . Not many negatives as this is a fantastic line . Now to leave you with some action pics of Star Wars Black figures in action , to keep this post from being all dialogue . Featuring two of the most popular Star Wars characters, Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin " AKA " Darth Vader .


  1. This is my favorite line, currently, and probably the line I collect the most. That being said, I think this line does have quite a few problems.
    1. The case packs have been pretty awful. Stores are often filled with the same two or three characters while other figures never see the light of day. The assortments are also often quite small with only two or three new characters in a case.
    2. There are too many exclusives! The current newest series has only three new figures in the case (and one of those is Bespin Han, who is also available as an exclusive). Currently at retail there are about 10 different figures. Hasbro releases more exclusive releases for this line than they do standard releases.

    3. There has been very little released from the prequels. Weirder still, film releases often have strangely missing character. Where is Bodhi Rook and Saw Gererra?

    Still my favorite line currently at retail, though. The face printing and improved articulation has really elevated things. These figures look phenomenal and are insanely fun to play with. Better structured series would really help, though.

  2. Thanks for your feedback and analysis Barbecue17 !!! It's is one of my favorite lines also. I definitely agree with your number One. One of the local Walgreens had like 10 CP-3O s and barely anyone else . It can be frustrating but a great line as you mentioned .