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Marvel Legends - Hela and Skurge Two Pack Review !!!

I purchased this two-pack mainly for Skurge and not Hela . I was not excited about Hela because I own the original Hela Marvel Legends figure . I'm sure many collectors probably felt that way at first about another Hela figure , however little to our surprise there are quite a few differences between this current Hela and the original one . As you'll see as this review goes along . I purchased this two-pack at a local Target for around the 49.99 price range .

For Skurge's bio - " An Asgardian warrior desperate to prove himself worthy. Skurge's survival instinct leads him to join Hela and become her Executioner . Skurge must wrestle with desire for self-preservation in the face of Hela's viloence against his home. For Hela the bio reads - " The ambituous Goddess of death , Hela returns to Asgard to claim the throne after the death of her father, Odin . To further her dark goals she raises an army of fallen Asgardian warriors to fight for her as her Berserkers .
 Despite the movie version of Helga from Thor Ragnarok , a realistic comic book likeness is displayed of the character .

As you can see there are quite a few accessories for both figures . Skurge's accessories are the two rifles , the battle ax, and the two armored gloved hands . The remaining accessories belong to Hela. Speaking of Hela, let's have a look at her first then on to Skurge .
As you can see this is definitely not the exact same Hela figure that debuted earlier in the line. Speaking of the original Hela figure, I reviewed it a while back and in case you missed that review here it is ----- .

 This version of Helga comes with a flame accessory based on the movie compared with the original Helga coming with that sword , also movie based . I like the flame accessory, if only it could glow to imitate the effect of a burning flame . That would be really cool .

 I like the shiny green glossy cape. It is a very nice look . Also both of Helga's unmasked heads are perfect for keeping the cape in place , preventing it from falling off of the figure .

 Notice there are quite a few differences between the default heads of both Helga figures . The original head is more of a comic book likeness of the character whereas the newer one is the movie likeness . Also with the eyes , blank pupils compared to bare eyes . Green lipstick compared to pinkish red lipstick . A closed mouth versus an open mouth with gritted teeth . Also look closely and you'll notice the design of the masks are different also .
 As you can see the newer Helga is not just a repaint . There are quite a few differences in the costumes as well . Now that I think about it, it's great to see two Helgas instead of just one . Why ? Because the original Helga is more comic book based , whereas the newer one is movie based . So this way fans of both versions can be satisfied .
 The only unmasked head that comes with the original Helga is quite different from the two new unmasked heads of the newer Helga . No dark mascara like makeup underneath the eyes of the newer heads, unlike the older one .

 A comparison shot of the Mjolnir hammer from the 80th Anniversary Thor figure to the Helga accessory .
 Recreate the scene from the Ragnarok film or your own version of someone attacking Helga with Thor's hammer . Thanks to the extra hand with the hammer attached that scene can be recreated .
 The Skurge figure is nice, however I'm disappointed in his lack of size . The character also known as the Executioner , is supposed to be so much larger  . Great figure , plus  I understand that Hasbro had to stay more true to the actor's size than the actual character to please most fans. Despite that the ax in my opinion still looks too big for him . I just wish that this Skurge figure was just a little bigger in both height and size to match the actual character . However it's great to see that the film makers stayed true to both the comic book looks of these two characters . Both Hela and Skurge movie otfits are almost one hundred percent identical to their comic book attire . I love the look of the shiny blue battle armor on Skurge .
The face is done nicely however I'm not much of a fan of the facial expression chosen for the figure . He looks calm , however I think an angry expression with gritted teeth would match the character's personality more than a calm look . Nice details with the scars. Also nice job on the facial hair, his beard and mustache looks as if they've been trimmed and groomed by a really good barber .
Even when displaying him attacking someone, Skurge's ax still looks too big for him in my opinion .
Besides the ax looking too big for Skurge to carry , I also think that rifles look out of place with characters known for medieval middle age weapons. Battle axes, swords,shields, spears, etc. would be perfect for this character , but rifles ??? Oh well, they may not match the character's look or time frame however I think he does look cool with the two rifles in both hands, especially when displayed in attack poses .
                                              FINAL    THOUGHTS  
(1)  ARTICULATION  LIMITS  -  Both figures have excellent all around articulation . Even Skurge, despite his armored chain mail skirt piece, it does not hinder outer leg movement .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY  -    Both figures stand really well on hard flat surfaces .

(3) WHAT  I  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THESE  FIGURES  ?  -   For Hela - ///i love her glossy green cape and all of her different heads, including the default head . I also like the inclusion of the extra hand holding the hammer . That alone is something different and new and I hope we see similar things with future figures .  As for Skurge - I love the look of his shiny blue battle armor . He's a cool looking figure that is fun to display with all of his weapons.

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THESE  FIGURES ? - No dislikes for Hela however my gripe for Skurge is that he is not big enough . In both height and body size. I think he should be more bulkier and taller . Other than that he's a cool figure .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THESE  FIGURES -  No improvements needed for Hela but Skurge should have been bigger as previously mentioned .

(6)  GRADING  SCALE  -  Hela - A Perfect 10 . Could find no flaws . Skurge - I think a 9.8 is decent . The minus is only for the repeated mentions about lack of size .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS  -   Many collectors of this two-pack were probably looking more forward to Skurge than Hela, because of the existence of Hela's previous figure , compared to Skurge's first time in the line . However they should be extremely pleased with this second Hela figure because if you combined all of the heads both Hela figures come with, we now have the luxury of displaying both Hela figures with an unmasked an masked head . We have the luxury for example , to put an unmasked head on the old Hela figure and a masked head on the newer one, or vice versa . This is a perfect situation for those deciding which heads to use for each figure .

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