Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tips on fixing loose action figure joints courtesy of Youtubers !!!

If your main problem with today's action figures are loose joints, then you are not alone . I have this problem with a good deal of my figures as well , especially Marvel Legends . Loose leg joints are a real problem because they effect a figure's ability to stand if not positioned properly . I looked up some tutorials on Youtube for help . This post is like a follow up to the last post about the guy that fixes his subscriber's action figures .
 The first video is a small tutorial about fixing loose figure joints with something called Mod Podge . I've never heard of this product before until I crossed paths with this video . Here's the link to that video ---------- .   NOTE - Some minor harsh language at beginning of video but nothing too serious.
Here's the link to the " HOW TO TIGHTEN ACTION FIGURE JOINTS " video  -----

Then finally the You Tuber known as Shartimus Prime did a video about using a hair dryer trick for figures . A video he did about four years ago . The link is here  ----- 

I think it's great that these guys are sharing these tips and tricks with us, rather they work or not . If the tips work that too is a luxury, saving everyone money and preventing from having to buy another of the same figure . 

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