Sunday, November 17, 2019

Help save Youtube Toy Reviews among comics and game reviews !!!

If you've been following the news lately on Youtube I'm sure many of you are already aware of the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) cracking down on content aimed at kids with their COPPA ( Children' s Online Privacy Protection ) rule . Youtube violated that rule by aiming ads at children and was fined a very hefty amount of 170 million dollars by the FTC .

To protect themselves, Youtube will be enticing strict rules and removing features such as comments and monetized videos for on vids they may consider aimed at children .

The toy community on Youtube could take a big hit because of this . Which is NOT fair . Harmless Youtube Toy Reviewers should NOT be penalized for a blunder that Youtube made .

Let's keep reviewers like Shartimus Prime , Pixel Dan , Jay C of Toynewsi in business hopefully by commenting and signing these documents at this link ---- 

These guys are great toy reviewers and  I would hate to see the toy community on Youtube destroyed because of this rule . The FTC needs to know that all toys/action figures are NOT always aimed at children . They are considered as a matter of fact Adult Collectibles .

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