Thursday, November 28, 2019

Marvel Legends - Shuri Review !!!

This particular figure of Shuri in the Marvel Legends line is not the first figure of her in the line. I'm sure that many of you already know that the first Legend of her is the one that comes in that two-pack with the second figure of Klaw . However that first Shuri figure was masked and in her super heroine panther outfit. Although this newer figure is movie based and not comic based, it is the first unmasked figure of Shuri in the Marvel Legends line . I purchased this figure of Shuri at a local Gamestop for $ 22.99 .

Shuri's bio reads -  " The mastermind behind some of Wakanda's most advanced technologies . Shuri designs and distributes Vibranium-powered gear to Wakanda's greatest warriors and allies." 
As you can see above you will be paying for Marvel Legends a few dollars more at Gamestop than you will at places like Walmart , Target , Walgreens, etc .  The other stores go at about $ 19.99 per figure .  Not Gamestop though .
As you can see the only accessories Shuri comes with are the gauntlets and the left leg of the build-a-figure Hulk .

Shuri is a nice figure that does not disappoint . The waist cloth is movable however if you want to remove it you would most likely need some scissors to cut it off .
The red blush on the cheek bones is hardly noticeable when you remove the figure from the packaging . However when zoomed upon with a camera the makeup details are clearly visible .

As you can see Shuri is about six inches tall in height .
In the above pic is the Marvel Legends Shuri  standing next to the much shorter version of the character from the five inch scaled Black Panther line that debuted after the Black Panther movie. I never thought there were so many differences between the two figures until I compared them together . Not only are some of the colors in the outfits are different , but so are the hairstyles and facial designs .
Even the skin tones are different . As you can see the Marvel Legends version has a darker skin tone. Plus the older figure has a cartoon styled face design whereas the Legend version is more realistic . I think this is because the older version is aimed at kids whereas the Legend version is mainly targeted towards us adult collectors .
Above a comparison of both of the Shuri figures currently in the Marvel Legends line . Of course the first Shuri figure is comic book based whereas the unmasked one is movie based .

If you want to put the unmasked Shuri head onto the body of the first Shuri figure you can . However if you do this it will appear as if she does not have much of a neck .
Besides looking as if she does not have much of a neck , this is not a bad look at all. Plus you can put the original Shuri head in her grasp as if she is holding her mask . Below from a side view the head does not hide the neck at all . It only hides a majority of her neck with frontal viewing .
                                                 FINAL      THOUGHTS
(1)  ARTICULATION   LIMITS  -  Shuri has excellent all around articulation

(2) STANDING   ABILITY  -    Shuri stands well when in a proper stance .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE  ? -  The luxury of having an unmasked figure of the Black Panther's sister in the line. Also the luxury of transferring her head to the body of the first Shuri figure .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - No dislikes .

(5)  WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THIS  FIGURE ? - No improvements needed. However a comic book basked unmasked Shuri head would have made a nice bonus accessory in order to get a complete look of the character, both comic based and movie based .

(6)  GRADING  SCALE  - A  Perfect 10  . No flaws found .

(7)  FINAL  ANALYSIS  -   It's great to see more key characters such as Shuri of the Black Panther movie as Marvel Legends . Especially now that we have an unmasked Shuri, a perfect compliment to the first Shuri figure from that two-pack with Klaw .

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