Sunday, March 22, 2020

Changing Review Style of Action Figures until further notice .

If you've noticed as of late I have kind of been inactive with in depth figure reviews for a while now. For the obvious reasons - (1) My posts are not getting as many views as they used to get
                                         (2) I've been busy with other projects involving action figures.  I am working on  having an Action Figure Youtube Channel , not just with reviews but other ways of displaying figures . Working on a super hero comic book along with a  book about action figures.
(3) I do not have as much free time to the blogger site because of the extra projects , and getting lots of overtime from the job .

However the GOOD NEWS is that I will still be posting here, but with a new review style . For the time being the reviews will be similar to the way the Fwoosh do their reviews .

So in the next toy review , once you've noticed that the review style has changed, you can always refer back to this post . Thanks .

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