Monday, March 23, 2020

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Review !!!

In the last post there was no review , just me stating that I will be changing my review style until further notice . The first figure to be reviewed under the revamped style is the Pink Power Ranger from the Lightning collection by Hasbro . I purchased this figure at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range .
I'm not a fan of the Power Rangers franchise . I never could get into it however I have nothing against it neither . I am a fan of the action figures on the other hand . This Pink Power Ranger is a six inch scaled figure.WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE  is the well rounded all around articulation , the joints are tight , and the unmasked head has a realistic flesh tone. Look closely at the unmasked head's ears and you'll notice her ear rings . As for ARTICULATION  - the unmasked head has limited upward head movement because of the hair , but the masked head does not have limited upward head movement . She STANDS  really well once in a proper stance especially on wooden surfaces. Pink Ranger has a trigger finger on her right hand for her pistol . NO IMPROVEMENTS needed for this figure in my opinion .  I also have NO GRIPES or COMPLAINTS about this figure .  GRADING SCALE wise I give this figure a Perfect 10 as I could find no flaws .

 I love that we do not have to destroy the packaging to unleash the figure . Just cut the tape at the top and pull back .
 Unlike Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series, no bios despite being made by the same company , Hasbro .
 As you can see she comes with a great deal of accessories . The unmasked head is my favorite extra accessory .

 As you can see she's not quite an even six inches tall, but pretty close to it .

 Above Pink Ranger standing next to Dino Charge Red Ranger .
I can not remember the name of the Power Ranger line that previous Pink Ranger came from . I've had her figure for a while now and can't remember what I did with the packaging . OVERALL  FINAL  THOUGHT / ANALYSIS  is that Hasbro is doing a great job with six inch scaled figures. First Marvel Legends , then Star Wars the Black Series . Third the Power Rangers line and the soon to be coming G. I. Joe Classified line. That's four six inch scale lines total . They all rock in my opinion , even though we have no Joes at the time of this writing but they look really cool !!!

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