Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Save Money at Citi -Trends !!!

The following is a toy haul at a local Citi-Trends store .
 The Overwatch Ultimates two-pack above was $ 9.99 .
 Only $ 14.99 for the Luke Cage -Claire Temple two pack .
 Only $ 5.99 for Overwatch Ultimates Tracer .
 Only $9.99 for the above two-pack also.
The dinosaur inside the above cage only points of articulation is its mouth . The mouth opens and closes . I'm not familiar with this toy but purchased it because I like the cage . Good price too . That was a great haul for a total of about 52 dollars and change. Anywhere else this purchase would be near one hundred dollars or over . So if you have a Citi-Trends store where you live, I recommend you check them out, take advantage of their discounted prices and save yourself some money .

 Above - back of the cage.
 Side of the cage.
 Bottom of the cage .
My Citi-Trends haul out of the packaging .

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