Wednesday, May 20, 2020

SCOOB - Shaggy and Dyno-Mutt Review !!!

Based on the computer animated film released this year titled " Scoob " , Here's Shaggy and Dyno-Mutt . The toy company is also a company I never heard of before until now. Instead of big names like Hasbro, Mattel , or well known companies such as Jazwares , the company is known as " Basic Fun . Plus I purchased this two pack at a local Walmart for around the ten dollar price range. Cool toys for a very nice price . 
 The packaging is so well put together and neat.  The figures look so cool carded I hated opening the packaging but did anyway for this review.
The bio reads " Scooby brings the Mystery Inc. Gang together with beloved members  of the Hanna - Barbera Universe in an epic adventure that delivers a heartfelt message of the power of friendship and what it means to truly " belong " .  Also there is a mention of visiting the website " " to unlock exclusive content . You can also see the other figures available at this point.

 A look at the insert .
 Closer look at the insert . Nice artwork I love it .

 Shaggy and Dyno-Mutt together out of the packaging .
 First let's review Shaggy. ARTICULATION wise Shaggy has side to side head movement. No up and down head movement . His arms move up and down but not outward . His legs move up and down plus his knees bend . Also you can move his knees around in a circular motion. Shaggy STANDS WELL and has no balance issues. WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT this Shaggy figure is that he is almost six inches tall. Because of this he can blend in well with other six inch scaled figures, despite being below six inches just a bit. This is okay since he's a teenager anyway . I have NO DISLIKES  about this figure . If there are any IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED , a few more articulated points would have been nice. Such as outward arm movement along with elbow movement . If he came with an accessory bag of Scooby Snacks that would have been a nice bonus. I give Shaggy a Perfect 10 GRADING SCALE  wise despite the articulation shortcomings. I'm not bothered by them .
 The only major change about this version of Shaggy from his classic look is that he is wearing an undershirt to go underneath his classic green t-shirt . Old school Shaggy just has the green t-shirt but no undershirt .

 As you can see Shaggy is just below six inches tall. However he is above an even five inches.
 Out of all of the Scoob characters, I have to say that Dyno-Mutt has undergone the most change in the looks department from his classic version . The only thing not bionic is his snout . Same colors as the original Dyno-Mutt design, but with modifications to his overall look. ARTICULATION wise all four of Dyno's legs move up and down . His head turns around in a circular motion and the tail does too. Plus four legged animal figures never have trouble standing because of four legs, so Dyno STANDS WELL to no surprise . WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT  Dyno-Mutt is how cool he looks. I like the bionic look and the light greenish body armor . I have NO DISLIKES about this figure . Although some IMPROVEMENTS could be some added knee articulation, however I'm not bothered by this. GRADING SCALE wise I give Dyno-Mutt a Perfect 10 because I could find no flaws .
 As you can see Dyno-Mutt is right at four inches tall while standing on all fours .
 Shaggy standing next to another six inch scale figure, Jannah from the Star Wars Black Series. Comparison shot .
 Now here's Shaggy next to Scooby Doo himself, also from this same toy line . I'll review this Scooby that comes with Captain Caveman in another post . Just wanted you to see how these two buddies look together.

It would be nice if Scoob could move his whole neck up and down just in case you may want to stand him on two legs sometimes, like he did in the classic cartoons at times. FINAL  ANALYSIS is that I hope we see figures of Fred , Daphne and Velma real soon to join these guys .

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