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HOT WHEELS - Indianapolis 500 100th Anniversary Indy 500 5 Pack

Even though the name of this site implies to action figures, in general it also applies to anything toy related period. As mentioned in this blog's description. Today I am reviewing over a Hot Wheels set from a few years back. There are some cool looking vehicles in this set and you may want to go to Ebay or Amazon to purchase yourself a set after you read this review. And of course, reviews of vehicles will be different from reviews of action figures. When it comes to vehicles, categories such as articulation and balance issues do not apply. When it comes to Hot Wheels or any miniature car line I just focus on two traits. They are ( 1) how cool looking a vehicle is and (2) the best features of each vehicle.
 There are five vehicles in this pack. First we look at a vehicle called Old # 3. All vehicles will be shown from various angles, left, right, front, back, etc.

The words Indianapolis 500 are neatly painted on the front hood of the car. Although yellow is not one of my favorite colors I still think this is a neat looking vehicle. The car's most noticeable feature is the exhaust pipe on the right side. The pipe is die-cast metal just like the car, as are most Hot Wheel cars or all are a mixture of die-cast metal and plastic parts.
Next up is a vehicle called Chevy Camaro Concept.

This car kind of reminds me of Kitt from the tv show Knight Rider. All it needs is a flashing red light up front and removal of the paint decals in my opinion to be an exact duplicate of Kitt. I love this car. It is nicely done with the Indianapolis 500 100th anniversary logo painted on both passenger and driver doors. I think one of its best features are the transparent yellow tinted front and back windshields. By there being no windows for the passenger and driver sides you can easily peep into the car seeing the dashboard, steering wheel, stick shift and seats.
Next up is a lime green colored F-Racer.

Lime green is one of my favorite colors therefore I think this is one of the coolest vehicles of the pack. This F-Racer is one of those rare Hot Wheels vehicles that has the head of what appears to be a driver. Not many Hot Wheel vehicles have passengers or drivers. I love the design of the wings on both the front and back.The F in F-Racer stands for Formula or sometimes Formula 1 for those of you whom may not have known.
Next up is a vehicle called Greased Lightnin .

This car is kind of odd looking with its unique shape but cool looking at the same time. I love the light blue color of the car and the gold painted exhaust pipes. Reflections can be seen on the pipes and the gold pipes emit a nice shine when exposed to bright light. The yellow tinted windshield is also a nice feature. The odd shape of this vehicle gives it a futuristic feel.
Finally up next is a vintage style fire truck titled Old Number 5.5 .

This looks like one of those old fire truck engines from the 1930s. The types where you'd see old vintage photos of dalmatian dogs sitting in the passenger seat next to a fire man . I love everything about this vehicle. The feeling of nostalgia when viewing it, the ladders, a nice paint job with a neat shade of red, the engines,etc. Firemen tools can be seen on the back if you look very closely and there is even a fireman's hat. The silver parts such as the engine provide reflections and a nice shine under bright light.
Out of all the vehicles in this pack, this is not a racing vehicle by any means. However it is one of the nicest looking vehicles in the pack and probably the most detailed with its unique features I mentioned of earlier.
The following pics are photos of the packaging.

MIB ( Mint in Box ) collectors may be interested in the black and white vintage photos of the Indianapolis 500 pictured on the right side of the packaging. There are some pics that appear to be pictures of some of the cars in this set. Overall I am pleased with every car in this set. This is my first Hot Wheels review and it will not be the last. I plan on reviewing many more Hot Wheel sets in the future. I think Hot Wheels are perfect for both adults and kid collectors. Most adults may buy these cars for display purposes, whereas kids will have fun playing with Hot Wheels because all Hot Wheel vehicles roll fast and smoothly across smooth surfaces. Every car in this set has a mixture of die-cast metal and plastic parts. If you are a Hot Wheels collector I highly recommend this set for your collection.

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