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The Governor became an interesting figure for me to purchase because he comes with alternate heads. For those of you that love to customize figures, you may want to purchase two Governor figures. This way you can have both versions of him without alternating heads or customize one of the figures into a different character altogether. The choice is yours. Since money is tight these days I just purchased one Governor figure. A decent price at that, around the $13.00 - $14.00 price range, from the same Walgreens store I purchased Carl Grimes and Andrea from.

When it comes to McFarlane toys, they refer to some accessories as items that are sculpted on to a figure or painted on. Notice on the packaging their is notation of his watch and keys. However both his watch and keys are actually sculpted onto the figure and can not be removed. I've always considered accessories to be removable items or any extra items that comes with action figures, and I'm pretty sure many of you do too. This does not seem to be the case with McFarlane toys, although I see no harm with these intentions however.
The Governor comes with two knives, a pistol and an extra head. The alternate head includes an eye patch.

The above pic is The Governor illustrated with all of his accessories, including his alternate head. The small knife is placed in his right pouch, the pistol in his left holster and the big knife in his right hand. I've made a comparison pic between The Governor's two heads to let you decide which look suits him best.
I've also compared his eye patched face to a very well known Marvel character. The original Nick Fury. When I first saw that alternate head the original look for Nick Fury immediately came to my mind, as it probably did to a lot of you out there too.

In the above pic The Governor is being compared to a Toybiz Marvel Legends Nick Fury. So for you customizers out there that may have had thoughts of turning your extra Governor head into an extra Nick Fury figure may have second thoughts after viewing the above comparison pic. As you can see each man's eye patch covers a different eye, The Governor his right eye is covered and for Nick it's his left eye that is hidden.
The Governor , as do most male figures in this toyline, stands at about 5 inches tall. I've posed him next to Andrea and Carl to show you how much taller he is than they. Also I stood him next to Star Wars Black Series One Luke Skywalker, whom is in the 6" scale. I posed him next to Luke to give you an idea of how he looks next to a short stature 6" scale figure. Surprisingly he does not look that much shorter than Luke.

                                                     FINAL    THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Articulation is perfect with the exception of the difficulty of displaying into sitting poses, as this same issue addresses just about all of the Walking Dead figures.
(2) STANDABILITY - The Governor stands perfectly with no balance issues.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS GOVERNOR FIGURE ? His alternate head and weapons. Ability to blend in with short stature 6" scale figures without looking undersized.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS GOVERNOR FIGURE ? There is nothing that I dislike about this figure.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS FIGURE ? Improve sitting ability. Plus his gun does not fit all the way down into his holster, so a wider holster would have been nice.
(6) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give The Governor an 9.0. The minus is for the difficulty displaying into a sitting pose. Other than that he is a great action figure with cool accessories.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - The main selling point for me with The Governor is the alternate head. As I mentioned earlier the extra head almost makes me want to purchase an extra figure. Just to display him with both heads. Plus if you do purchase two Governor figures that'll give you another extra head. And with all those extra heads you customizers can have a field day creating different characters. I highly recommend you purchase a Governor figure or figures for the above mentioned reasons.
 To purchase a Governor figure from , you may click here THE WALKING DEAD SERIES 4 - THE GOVERNOR ACTION FIGURE

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