Monday, July 14, 2014

GIANT COMPARISONS - Part One - Comparing MOTU Classics Megator to other GIANT figures .

Ever display figures from different toy lines and see how they compare in size to each other ? In this post I am comparing the Masters of the Universe Classics Megator to other giant figures from other toy lines . The real reason for this post is to give fans an idea the size of a figure that they do not have by comparing it to the size of a figure that they do have. For example , you may have Megator, but do not own a giant Marvel Legend build a figure Apocalypse , or vice versa . These are just a few giant figures I'm comparing Megator against . I will be making more posts like this in the future with other figures as well, but for now I'll start off with GIANTS .
As you can see Megator dwarfs the DCU Classics Collect & Connect Atom Smasher figure .
And look at how they both dwarf regular 6 " scaled figures below. 
Megator standing next to Marvel Legends Toybiz build a figure Onslaught . 
As you can see Megator is dwarfed by Marvel Legends Toybiz build a figure Apocalypse .
Many of you may not know that this Stone Cold Steve Austin figure even existed . I did not know myself as he came as a bonus figure from a wrestling figure lot I won off of Ebay . Press a button and he speaks some of his famous phrases. 

As you can see Megator is slightly bigger in both height and size to the Marvel Universe Goliath figure . 
That's it for now I hope you enjoyed the post . 


  1. Dang dude! Jealous of the Megator and Black Goliath!

  2. LOL . Ha haa. Sorry about that Hobby but I'm pretty much sure you probably have some figures that I don't have, making us even . Lol .

  3. Dang! he towers over Atom Smasher.

  4. He sure does John . I myself did not know this until I put the two together side by side .

  5. That he is Buzz Chuck . He dwarfs Megator and a lot of other giant toys.