Monday, July 28, 2014

Review of the 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC CON . A look back at some of the convention high lights !!!

I wish I had the free time to go to this event in person , but like most people I read about it over various websites . Sites such as , the , etc . What got me excited the most was the reveals of some of the Masters of the Universe Classics and the new up coming Marvel Legends . I will talk about what I am most excited about from these two lines first . ( NOTE ) The following pics are NOT mine . They are courtesy of the respective above mentioned web sites .I'm just using the pics as reference material as I discuss what I like best from the Comic Con show. First I'll go over the MOTU Classics reveals and which reveals got me excited and why . Here are the pics ..............
Pic courtesy of . Of the four characters / figures seen above , the two that excites me the most are Lizard Man and Oo-larr . Here's why .
( 1 ) Lizard Man - The first time I saw this guy was as a 9 or 10 year old kid watching the old Filmation He-Man episodes . I remember wanting him as an action figure as a kid back in the 1980s . Now to finally have him as an adult makes that childhood wish come true . Plus Lizard Man comes with two cool accessories, Skeletor's sword he used in the old toon and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance , the magical artifact used in the first episode . Also I am glad Liz is shorter than the other figures just like he is in the cartoon . He looks exactly the way he looked in the toon .
( 2 ) Oo-Larr - Many MOTU fans that were not aware of this guy were confused . I visited some MOTU Classic Facebook pages where people were asking who is Oo-larr . A MOTU history lesson is in need of explanation of this character, so here it is. Back when Mattel first created He-Man in the mini comics, there was no Prince Adam, just He-Man . He-Man was originally meant to be a strong warrior from a jungle tribe and NOT a Prince of a palace . So to settle continuity conflicts , Mattel made Oo-Larr into the jungle He-Man, keeping him from being the same He-Man as Prince Adam . So when the MOTU Classics bios were done, both Oo-Larr and Prince Adam served as He-Man . The bios allowed Eternia to have more than just one He-Man, and Oo-Larr is one of them . I am excited about Oo-Larr's two heads. One is a vintage He-Man head , and I'm pleased that the other head was altered to not look to much like Adam , allowing Oo-Larr to have his own individual look .
And to top things off, Oo-Larr is supposed to come with a BLUEPRINT OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL . I can't wait to have this item in my hands .
( 3 ) NINJOR - I'm glad he's finally in classic form but I'm disappointed that Mattel did not use the removable hood / mask feature for him like they did for the vintage toy . Instead he comes with two alternate heads, masked and unmasked . He still looks cool though and it's great to have Skeletor's gang almost complete.
(4) Huntara - She looks cool but I was not too crazy about her as a character . I think I like her better as an action figure than I do as a cartoon character . You can watch the only She-Ra episode she's in on Youtube.
Mermista looks super cool. In both human form and mermaid form . I love her light blue colors and she looks just like she did in the Filmation cartoon . I can not wait to add Mermista to my collection.I did not care for an action figure of Bow's horse named Arrow but it looks cool and I will end up buying it anyway.
As for Tung-Lashor , the only letdown for me is no more dial on his back to move his tongue in and out . Instead this feature has been replaced with two alternate heads, tongue in and tongue out . He still looks cool though .

Above pics also courtesy of Toynewsi .
I can't wait to get Skeletor's robot knights . They look so cool, and they too look like they jumped right out of the cartoon and into plastic form . Great job Four Horsemen !!! The MOTUC version of Gwildor is a nice improvement over the vintage figure. As a matter of fact it is based on Billy Barton's likeness, the actor that portrayed Gwildor in the 1987 MOTU live action movie .

And the latest MOTUC reveals that excited me, I love how Sweet Bee looks and is glad to see the helmet that she wore in a She-ra episode she appeared in is coming with the figure . Also I can't wait for this MOTU Art book scheduled to come out in April of next year . There were also other MOTU goodies announced but these above mentioned ones by me are my favorites .

Marvel Legends are coming out with a lot of goodies also . I'm excited about these Agents of Shield figures, can't wait to add these two to my collection . There are quite a few new characters that have never been made before to get excited over . They are in no particular order Radioactive Man , the newest Hob Goblin ,Hellcat , Machine Man , and finally Odin is here as a build a figure . After all of these years, we will finally have a Marvel Legend figure of Odin . It's about time .

This newest Hobgoblin is not the same Hobby that Spidey first encountered for those of you whom may not know. In the comics he has this cool super power , a super sonic loud laugh that is so deafening it can cause physical damage . I can not wait to complete this guy, he is a build a figure after all .

My final takes on the world of Marvel , there are some nice remakes of characters that have already been made by Toybiz on the way from Hasbro . The remakes of Spider-Woman, The Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel ( not Pictured ) look really good to me and I plan on buying them anyway even though I have the Toybiz versions . You will also have to buy that cool looking new original Spider-Girl figure to complete that Hobgoblin .
I could go on and on about San Diego 2014 Comic Con , however I just decided to write about what I like the most , and MOTU Classics and Marvel Legends got me excited the most . More than any other franchise . Although there are some more HONORABLE MENTIONS that were announced that are on my wish list which are ..........
( 1 ) Some of the newest 6 inch scaled Star Wars Black Figures coming out . Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader  is on his way .
( 2 ) WWE MATTEL - We are finally getting figures of Hulk Hogan , Ric Flair , Razor Ramon and believe it or not Sting . I don't purchase all of the wrestling figures but do plan on adding these legends to my collection.
( 3 ) The video store diorama piece that comes with some new Jay and Silent Bob figures .
From the looks of things the 2014 SDCC is one of the best con's in a while . Even though I did not go there in person , I like what has been reported a lot !!!


  1. I love wrestling figures too. I did a few custom playsets a while back if ya want to see them.

  2. Yes Hobby I would love to see your playsets. Do you have a link to the pics ? I know there are also some good Facebook diorama groups you can post them on too .

  3. There are some amazing things coming our way and i can't wait!

  4. I agree John I can't wait either. Very excited about MOTU and Marvel Legends .