Friday, July 4, 2014

HAPPY 4th of JULY !!! A look at some PATRIOTIC action figures .

On this Independence Day , Action Figure Imagery pays tribute to the holiday by pointing out a few figures with a patriotic background . Just four figures, I know that's not many, but there are not that many patriotic figures out there . Even though there are not that many, I just had to pay tribute to the holiday anyway via action figure style . All four of these characters started off as comic book characters before becoming action figures .
I love this Star-Girl action figure from the DC Universe Classics line . I like the fact that she has a teenage body sculpt, demonstrating her young age, plus for details she has braces on her teeth . Neat . Even though she does not have much of a patriotic background, other than being called the "Star Spangled Kid" if you read her profile on Wikipedia , she still has a patriotic look . The red,white,and blue in her outfit along with the white stars illustrate her patriotic look. I still have her weapon but could not find it on time for this particular post .
What would a 4th of July action figure tribute be like without the most patriotic fictional character/action figure of all ? He even has "America" in his name . Of course this is one of many Captain America figures from the Marvel Legends franchise . This one came in a Toybiz two pack with a variant of the Red Skull .
There are two figures of this guy . This is the unmasked version of the Super Patriot of the Legendary Comic Book Super Heroes toy line. I hate that this line was prematurely canceled, it had so much potential to be a big hit . Anyway if you read his bio Super Patriot is like a cybernetic version of Captain America. Also like Cap he is a World War II veteran .
Now here's a link to a figure I do not have in my collection but I do plan on buying him someday, just not in a hurry to get him . DC Infinite Earth's Uncle Sam via
UNCLE SAM   . You can read more about this fictional DC comics super hero on Wikipedia . From what I make of this figure, the only drawback in my opinion is that neither one of his hands are in the famous " I WANT YOU " finger pointing pose that is famously known on Uncle Sam posters . Originally a mascot for the United States government , DC Comics decided to turn him into a super hero .
There you have it folks. Action Figure Imagery's tribute to Independence Day action figure style . Enjoy your day off from work, enjoy the barbecue and fireworks , be safe and God bless . Happy 4th !!!


  1. I like the other Super Patriot better. Wish they would have released his normal super hero look.

  2. Happy 4th too John . Same with me Hobby I think I like the other Super Patriot better too. However the one I own is the one I purchased in person .