Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - GAMORA REVIEW !!!

With the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming up, I purchased this figure of Gamora at a local Walmart . I bought her for $19.99 . Sigh . I miss the old days when action figures were cheaper . However I wanted her and I always want to add a new character / figure to my collection . In the movie Gamora is portrayed by the beautiful actress Zoe Saldana . As for Gamora the character, she has undergone several different looks since her existence . She has always had the green skin , but her facial features and outfits / costumes have been altered by Marvel's comic book artists over the years . Hasbro has decided to go with this new look of hers based on the upcoming movie with this Marvel Legends Gamora .

The back of the packaging displays Gamora with her sword in her right hand . This holds true , because if you try to make her hold the sword with her left hand, it feels loose and feels like it could fall out of her hand. Her right hand has a better grip on the sword . Speaking of the sword here's a closer look at it .
It kind of reminds me of Skeletor 's swords from the Masters of the Universe early 2000s line . With the split at the top looking like its holding two blades together . Even though Gamora is in a 6" scaled line , as you can see in the pic below she is slightly under six inches however she is well over 5 inches tall . I love how the Marvel Legends franchise is almost always accurate with every character / figure's height .

Gamora has some distinguishing facial features that are very noticeable . She has what appears are four eyebrows, two over each eye . Plus two scars which is probably warrior makeup on her facial cheeks . And probably the most noticeable feature of all , her hair is a mixture of black and a shiny reddish hue . Her hair is not just one color. I like how the colors blend together this looks really cool .
Besides her sword as an accessory, Gamora also comes with the left leg of this series build a figure character known as Groot . And also instructions on who you need to purchase to put Groot together . As you can see Groot's left leg alone is almost as tall as Gamora herself , but not quite .

Back to Gamora as a character and not a figure for a moment . For those of us that have been reading Marvel Comics for a long time , many of us know that the Guardians of the Galaxy is not Gamora's first team . She was originally a member of the Infinity Watch , led by Adam Warlock . Hence the comic book series known as Warlock and the Infinity Watch . Marvel Legends already had two members of the Infinity Watch, Warlock himself and Drax the Destroyer . Gamora makes the third member to become a figure, however she is not the last Infinity Watch character .
                                                            FINAL   THOUGHTS  
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - My only complaint about Gamora's articulation is with her head . The rest of her articulation I am pleased with . Her head movement however is somewhat restricted from looking up and down just a little. Even though her hair is hard plastic I don't think her hair is the cause. I think it's more to do with lack of an extra ball joint in the neck .
( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - Despite the fact she has no heels, you have to pose Gamora a certain way to get her to stand properly without falling . Once you get her in a proper stance, balance is no longer an issue .
( 3 ) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS GAMORA FIGURE ? A little bit of everything . A nice new black leather outfit with blue trim  , the mixed hair colors , and the option of adding a Marvel character of two Marvel teams to my collection . She flat out looks great .
( 4 ) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS GAMORA FIGURE ? The somewhat restricted head movement . It's a little tricky to get her to stand properly without falling .
( 5 ) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS FIGURE ? More sturdy knee joints to balance her better when standing . A ball riveted joint for the neck so that her head could move in all directions .
( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Gamora a 9.5 . The minus is for the tough times I have getting her to stand . Other than that she is perfect, despite the fact that I complained about her limited head movement . However I am not bothered by this , I only give minuses only if a lack of a certain feature bothers me . And the only  thing that bothers me about Gamora is getting her to stand properly .
( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS  - Overall I love this figure . Although we are still a long way from completing The Infinity Watch, Gamora's addition helps fill a gap in that team . Rather you want to pose her with her old team like I did or her new current team is up to you . We have the options and this Gamora figure gives us fans those options . Not just comic book fans but action figure fans as well . Or if you're a fan of both Marvel Comics and action figures like I am , you will be pleased to add Gamora to your collection .


  1. I usually do not do movie figures. I would much more freak out if it were an MU comic accurate figure.

  2. Im displeased that they made Groot a build a figure instead of just releasing him carded. Im only interested in Rocket Raccoon and Groot so I guess I will not have a Groot.

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    1. Hobgoblin238, the feeling is mutual for me too when a figure resembles the character from the comics rather than resembling the actor/actress that portrayed them. And Bro Midnight, you can maybe still purchase Groot parts from Ebay sellers. I too have been through that same feeling were I want the build a figure, but not some of the figures you need to buy to complete that figure.( NOTE ) I misspelled a word in the previous comment that's why that post is deleted . Same words I mentioned here.

  4. Not too terrible looking at all but that standing issue bothers me a bit.

  5. Same here John about the balance issues .