Monday, January 5, 2015


This second volume of OLD TOY LINE FLASH BACK is not a look at a certain toy line, but a certain toy license before it became another toy license . In other words , a look at Marvel action figures before they became Marvel Legends . This article is a summary over a few Marvel figures that are NOT Marvel Legends that came out before Legends . ( NOTE ) All of these toys are also done by Toybiz . Also I am able to name a few characters but not them all . Here goes .
I forgot this character's name .(  UPDATE ) I just recently discovered that the above character is named Feral . I think I remember getting her as a Toy Fare magazine exclusive . This is an old pic of her by the way . I could not find her removable pink cloth outfit for an up to date pic.
Another old pic of this version of Felicia Hardy AKA The Black cat . I can't find her accessories. However here is the card packaging she comes with , both front and back .

As you can see the bios of characters were around long before Marvel Legends .
All I have left of this version of Elektra is her and her sword .
Now can anyone tell me what is the name of the upcoming Dr. Doom variant figure ?

Okay I know it's Dr. Doom . That much I know . But what is with the extending arm feature ?
Now for a pic of Snow Bird from the team known as Alpha Flight . Plus her box art .

Pluck comes as a bonus figure . I could not find him in time for this article . Snow Bird also comes with two animal versions of herself, a polar bear and a white owl .
Now here's a look at The Black Queen .
Now for a look at Typhoid Mary and Stegron . These two can fit in scale wise with Marvel Legends, especially Typhoid Mary . Stegron is just a little bit shorter than what he should be to fit in with six inch scaled figures .

Despite limited articulation , Typhoid Mary is a cool figure with some nice accessories. A removable skirt and fishnet leggings, a sword and shackles . The best thing that I like about Stegron is that his mouth can open and close . Also you can see that Typhoid Mary and Stegron are in the same toy series , " Marvel Super Villains Vault ".
Now for a look at Lady Deathstrike before she became a Marvel Legend .
As you can see this version of Lady Deathstrike looks more human compared to the cyborg looking Marvel Legend version . I think I like this look of Lady Deathstrike better than the Marvel Legend one . Don't get me wrong , I love the Legends version too , however I think this look of her above would have also looked great in six inch scale .
Now for a look at two Marvel characters I have no idea who they are . Does anyone know the name of these two guys ? They both have the words  Marvel and Toybiz imprinted onto them .

Finally , Jubilee before she became a recent " Build a Figure " in Legends .
She almost fits in scale wise with Legends but not quite . The roller skates are removable .
That's it for now folks I hope you enjoyed this brief summary of  a few Marvel Figures before the existence of Legends . One thing you may notice with the Marvel figures that came before Legends, is that a lot of these figures have not been converted into Legends just yet . At least not at the timing of this article . Typhoid Mary, Stegron , among others are just a few of the figures not converted into Marvel Legends at the timing of this article . I hope that these Marvel figures among the Marvel figures before Legends not featured in this article will be Marvel Legends someday . Someday soon I hope . The majority of these figures I purchased at flea markets and thrift stores . Therefore the majority of them are used , thus explaining why I do not know the names of a few of them .


  1. Typhoid Mary and Snow Bird have held up really, really well.

    Gotta love Jubilee's snap on roller blades, too! 90's Extreme!

  2. John I just recently discovered that she is called Feral . I Googled her . And Barbecue17 , I agree about Typhoid Mary and Snow Bird. I hope to see them both as Legends someday . I like Jubilee's roller blades too .

    1. Feral..ok cool she reminded of New Mutants Wolfsbane...was she a X-force hero or villain?

    2. Her Wikipedia profile says she has been both hero and villain.

  3. UPDATE : Someone one Facebook notified me that the unknown characters are Caliban from X-Force and Skinner from the Ghost Rider franchise .