Thursday, February 23, 2017

A look back at some highlights of the New York Toy Fair 2017!!!

Below are pics of a few figures from certain toy lines that I am looking forward to this year. Displayed at the New York Toy Fair , the following pics are courtesy of the Fwoosh, Toy NEWSI / Marvelous News and . First up Marvel Legends.

I think the Legends I'm most excited about are Mary Jane and the Beetle. After all of these years we are finally getting a classic version of the Beetle's most well known costume. Also a comic book likeness of Mary Jane . The first two Mary Jane figures are likenesses of Kristen Dunst . Not pictured I'm also looking forward to another Spidey villain, Tombstone will finally make his debut as a Marvel Legend .
Hasbro celebrates Star Wars 40th Anniversary by releasing 6 inch Star Wars Black Series figures in Kenner styled cardbacks.

As for DC Multiverse, a Batwoman figure is on the way along with being able to add another female Green Lantern member to your DCU Classics Green Lantern Corps.

As for WWE Mattel , I'm looking most forward to Goldberg and Shane McMahon .

Masters of the Universe Classics have more Filmation likenesses on the way of the vintage characters. Along with mini comic likenesses. Plus two New Snake Men along with a Latino like character called Hot-Shot . The pic with the mini comic character named Lodar along with the earlier characters that were shown PRE Toy Fair 2017, last month in January.
I don't own any of the Four Horsemen Mystic Legion figures , but after seeing these pics I think I may become a collector of this line. These are just a few things from this year's New York Toy Fair that caught my attention . This is not all there was a lot more great stuff shown.

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