Saturday, February 25, 2017

Black History Month Tribute Action Figure Style- Notable Black action figures of 2016 !!!

In celebrating Black History Month action figure style, Action Figure Imagery looks back at some of the most notable, recognized black action figures of the past year . Here goes .

From Top to Bottom (1) Patty Tolan
                                  (2) Black Panther
                                  (3)Dead Shot -the Will Smith version
                                  (4) Baron Mordo
                                  (5) Resistance Trooper
                                  (6) Earth-23 Superman
                                  (7) Brother Voodoo
                                  (8) Winston Zeddemore
NOTABLES NOT PICTURED OR LISTED - Misty Knight , Falcon among others . Thes are just a few of the black action figures that were in stores in 2016 . The next Black History Tribute will focus on this year's black action figures .

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