Monday, February 19, 2018

Action Figure Man 's New York Toy Fair 2018 Want List .

I did not go to the NY Tot Fair 2018, just browsed the major toy websites to see what's coming this year. Sites such as and . Below are just " some " of the things that I want to purchase that was shown at the show . NONE of these pics belong to me. They belong to the already mentioned web sites Toynewsi and The Fwoosh . First here are the Marvel Legends I'm interested in .

I've been wanting Marvel Legends of Cloak and Dagger since the Toybiz days. Now they are finally here. I wonder will they come as a two pack or as singles . We'll soon find out . Plus an unmasked Erik Kilmonger, unmasked Venom and an unmasked Carnage are nice bonuses .

As for the six inch Star Wars Black Series, there are a lot of upcoming figures that I want to add to my collection , however the above three are the ones I want the most .

I'm disappointed that WWE Mattel did not have many " NEW " characters that have not been made yet . Mainly they just had a lot of variants of wrestlers that already have figures. However I am excited to get Alundra Blayze ( shown above ) plus I plan on buying that Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon figures shown above . Now for a look at some Neca products I'm interested in .

I can't wait to complete that Diorama playset from that Turtles line . And speaking of play sets, the Aliens playset shown above looks like it may make a good substitute interior for Snake Mountain until the actual Snake Mountain for the MOTU Classics finally does arrive .
Now for a look at some video game and cartoon figures from the show .

Lots of video game figures were shown including Mario and Mega Man . I wonder are those Incredible figures are in six inch scale ? Because if they are I can add them along with my already owned six inch scaled figure of Mr. Incredible, which I reviewed here on this site a while ago back in 2015 . If you missed that review here's the link to it  - .
Well that's it for now . There's more stuff that I want from the show however this will be it for now. I was really looking forward to some new Masters of the Universe Classics, maybe at the next Comic Con we'll see some.  Maybe .

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