Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Black action figures coming in 2018 !!! An action figure tribute to Black History Month !!!

We all know that February is Black History Month . So in tribute I'm starting off with upcoming black action figures that we saw at this past weekend's Toy Fair in New York .  Plus I'm looking forward to these figures. First the unmasked Erik Kilmonger from the Black Panther franchise . ( NOTE )  NONE of these pictures belong to me. They are courtesy of The Fwoosh , Toynewsi and .

 Cloak with his partner Dagger .
Frozone from "The Incredibles". 
 Mezco One 12 collection John Stewart Green Lantern .
 I know he's a Green Lantern but is it John Stewart ?
 Vixen is finally coming . I've been wanting a DCU Classics style figure of her while the DC Classics line was around . Even though it's Multiverse she still fits in with the Classics .
 Another Kid Flash . I don't know his name.
 Lando from Star Wars . This looks like the Billy Dee Williams version of the character . Another version of Lando based on the actor playing him in the upcoming Han Solo film is also on the way .
 Guy from the Aliens franchise .
And finally Mike Tyson . Of course there are more black action figures on the way later this year that have not been announced yet from various franchises . Of all of the black action figures shown above. the ones I am the most excited about purchasing and adding to my collection are The Unmasked Erik Kilmonger , Mezco 1/12 John Stewart , Vixen , Cloak and Mike Tyson . That's it for this year's tribute . The Following are links to PAST TRIBUTES -  Black Action Figure Tribute 2017
                                                                                Black Action Figure 2015 Tribute
( NOTE ) The 2016 Tribute is just a look back at the past ones , and a link to the 2014 Tribute is inside of the 2015 Tribute .

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