Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 CHRISTMAS TRIBUTE - A look back at a few Christmas toys from the past . MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!

Here's Action Figure Imagery's Toy Reviews tribute to Christmas day. Since this is an action figure related site, what better way to celebrate Christmas on an action figure site than with Christmas themed action figures ? Here' s a look back at just a few ( but not all ) Christmas themed action figures from years past. First here's an ad from an old issue of Toyfare magazine, for the movie titled " A Christmas Story".
As you can see NECA is the company responsible for these figures. Randy is the only action figure I can think of that comes with an nonremovable scarf and skull cap. I don't own these figures yet but plan on buying them all someday. They look like real people, nicely sculpted with some cool accessories.
Next up Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

If you watched the Peanuts Christmas Special then you already know that small poor tree is directly from that episode. These figures are listed at five inches tall. Pretty big for action figures of children characters don't you think ? While I think these figures are cool I am still waiting for the day to see three inch Peanut figures. This ad too is from another old issue of Toyfare magazine, and the company that made these figures is called Round 2 .
Next up are the figures from the motion picture of Dr. Seuss' The Grinch.

From the same company known for Ninja Turtles, Playmates introduced four different toy sets of characters based on the motion picture movie. As you can see all four sets have nice figures and come with some very neat accessories, especially the two bikes in my opinion. ( NOTE ) The Grinch's look is based on Jim Carrey's likeness from the movie and not the actual Dr. Seuss drawing of the character. As you can see this time I have the cover displayed of the exact issue of Toyfare this ad/article is from.
Next up is an ad for " The Nightmare before Christmas ".
There were several of these figures made. I actually have a figure of Sally, not the one you see in the ad but another version. Below are pics of Sally and her neat but odd accessory, a picnic basket with what looks like a bottle of whine and a skeleton of an eaten fish.

The figure of Sally is in the six inch scale. The following is an ad from an old issue of Toyfare of a character that many people are familiar with , not just action figure fans. Frosty the Snowman .
Made by the same company that made the Peanuts figures, Round 2 . Not only did they make Frosty but other characters from the series as well.
Finally , a Christmas tribute from Toyfare magazine themselves. In this ad, it compares a normally wrapped present to what looks like a wrapped up Godzilla figure. I'm not sure what it is but it looks like Godzilla to me.
According to Toyfare, they seem to think the regular looking gift is boring looking and that the Godzilla like wrapped gift is awesome. If you ask me I see nothing wrong with the regular present. It is neatly wrapped with a gold bow placed on top. But since this is an action figure magazine, one can understand why Toyfare chose the Godzilla one. LOL ( laugh out loud ) . I love Toyfare magazine and miss it. It was very informative on action figures but it was also a very funny hilarious magazine. If you do not own any of the above mentioned figures I suggest you head right on over to E-bay or to purchase any of them.
There you have it folks. Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews 2013 Christmas tribute. Expect another Christmas tribute in 2014 and other holiday tributes also in future posts. Again , MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!

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