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Kobra Khan was one of my favorite MOTU characters and figures growing up as a kid. And I'm still a fan of the character as an adult. He has some cool powers, such as venom spraying mist and surprising foes with his retractable ears/hood for surprising attacks. Kobra Khan also is an interesting character because he brings some drama to MOTU . By this I mean, where is his true allegiance to, Skeletor or King Hiss. It's hard to figure out what Khan is up to. Is he spying on King Hiss for Skeletor , or has he truly betrayed Skeletor in order to serve Hiss ? But that's Kobra Khan the character, now on to Kobra Khan the figure.
As for the MOTUC Kobra Khan figure, the only thing that is disappointing about him is the lack of his famous action feature, squirting water from his mouth. As you can see he still comes with that classic red gun of his that first belonged to the original Zodac figure. And as with all MOTUC figures, he stands at a shade slightly over six inches, not quite seven inches but close to it. Khan also comes with alternate heads , his normal head and hooded head . I'm comparing the two heads below so you can determine yourself which look better suites him.

If you're a fan of the old Filmation MOTU cartoon, then you should know that the first time we saw this hooded look was from the episode titled " Disappearing Dragons". The moment happened when Kobra Khan attacked Mekaneck. First Khan stretched his arms out grabbing Mekaneck, then extracting his hood to spray Meka with a red sleeping mist. For some reason, Filmation chose to have Khan's venom spraying action from his hood and not from his mouth like the vintage toy. Speaking of cartoons, Khan comes with his little green lizard like buddy from the Mike Young Productions MOTU series. This little guy only accomplished one task, but it was a large task non the less. He was able to get by security, freeing Kobra Khan from his prison cell. The following pic is a comparison of the creature with his cartoon version. Oh by the way the name of the episode this creature is from is titled " Snake Pit".

I like how Kobra Khan is very well detailed, as you can see he has blackish grey fingernails. His little buddy on the other hand is not as detailed as his cartoon counterpart, but it's nice to have him anyway as an extra accessory / figure . As I mentioned earlier , it is sometimes difficult to determine where Khan's true allegiance lies, to Skeletor or King Hiss. Depending on the various forms of media you go by, such as comic books and cartoons. However Khan's bio seems to put emphasis that his true allegiance is to King Hiss.
                                                 FINAL   THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Khan has the basic standard articulation you see in every MOTUC figure.
(2) STANDING  ABILITY - There are no balance issues with this figure.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT MOTUC KOBRA KHAN ? Alternate heads, his little lizard like friend packaged with him.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT MOTUC KOBRA KHAN ? Missing his classic water squirting action feature.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THE FIGURE ? Add his classic action feature.
(6) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this figure a 9.5. The minus is for the missing action feature that he was well known for.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Overall I am pleased with how MOTUC Kobra Khan turned out despite missing his famous action feature. I love the alternate heads and his little partner. And the figure is nicely sculpted and very well detailed, hence the fingernails.The only debate that one may have when acquiring Khan is to decide if you want to pose him with Skeletor or King Hiss . That's up for you to decide as I've decided to pose my Khan figure with Hiss and his gang. I mean Skeletor has enough warriors already whereas there are not quite as many Snake Men figures.

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