Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Morphbot - The Mutator Collection - Ford Mustang GT

For those of you whom may not know bootleg action figures are action figures imitating big name franchises.
The noticeable differences are much cheaper prices but also downgraded quality in bootleg figures. Bootleg figures are perfect for lower income families or individuals whom may not be able to afford the big names. Transformers seem to have more bootleg competition than any other major boy toy franchise, and Morphbot The Mutator Collection is one of those bootleg competitors. You can purchase these figures at Family Dollar stores or any discount stores. This guy which looks a lot like Bumble Bee , is the first bootleg figure to be reviewed on this site.

As you can see on the back of the packaging there are other Morphbot figures available for purchase. These guys look a lot like autobots, but of course they're not. Thus hence the term "bootleg". As with almost all bootleg figures, the characters usually have no names, as it is with this guy. This particular Morphbot comes with three accessories. They are two guns and a sword that lights up emitting a red glowing light. This light up sword is my favorite accessory of the three as the action feature is activated by simply pressing a button on the handle.

As you can see this Morphbot stands at round six inches tall when in robot mode. And when you transform him into a car you have the option of leaving him without a hood like a convertible, or with his hood with black paint mimicking tinted windows. The figure comes with two sheets of paper. One is an instruction sheet on how to transform the figure. Not only does it show you how to transform this particular figure but the others in the line as well. The other sheet has information on where to go for product assistance. At the edge of the packaging there are instructions for replacing the batteries of the light up sword. These special type of batteries can be purchased at any Radio Shack or local electronic stores.

Below I've decided to make a comparison pic. In the pic I compare this figure with a Cyberfire Bumblebee. Notice how Bumblebee is a mixture of die cast metal mixed with high quality plastic. Whereas the Morphbot is made of all plastic, no die cast parts. Also he is made of a much cheaper plastic than the Transformer.
                                                          FINAL   THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Head moves up and down, no side to side movement. Arms and elbows move up and down. Wrists move up and down. Upper thighs bend up and down and knees bend up and down.
(2) STANDABILITY - There are no balance issues when standing in robot mode.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS FIGURE ?- I think I like him better in car mode than I do in robot mode. His clear sword that lights up.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS FIGURE ? - You have to be super careful when posing him moving some parts such as his arms. If you put too much pressure transitioning joints some pieces may or will fall off. However do not worry they can easily be snapped back together.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS FIGURE ? Use higher quality plastic along with some die cast parts, making him an exact clone of any Transformer. However this is highly unlikely to happen since this is a bootleg figure.
(6) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this figure a 7.7. Not a bad figure for a bootleg. The minuses are for low quality plastic, the figure is somewhat fragile, the windows are painted on rather than using clear plastic for glass, and no die cast parts. However I think die cast metal parts do not make or break the figure, but since he is a robot just like the Transformers die cast parts would have made him even cooler.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - I do not recommend this figure for adult collectors but do recommend it for kids. Since it is a bootleg , the downgraded quality may scare some adult collectors away. Small kids may enjoy playing with these Morphbot figures, as they are a perfect replacements for those who can't afford Transformers. The figure is pretty decent despite the flaws I mentioned in the Grading Scale category. If you are interested in purchasing Morphbots the name of the company that make them is called Variety Wholesalers Inc. Just in case if you can't find them in person and need to go to E-bay, some extra words in the search bar may help locate them better.

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