Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A look back at some toys of 2013 - A look ahead to toys in 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!!

What a year 2013 was in the toy world for several toy lines, especially for Masters of the Universe Classics. Mattel treated He-fans and She-ravers to some nice treats. 2013 was the year the Filmation Subs started. Some of the most popular, fan demanded Filmation characters were made. Icer, Strong-Arm AKA Strong-or, Fang-Man, Shokoti , etc. , just to name a few. But the biggest surprise, both literally and figuratively, was Castle Grayskull. The castle is so cool with so many features . If you want a video review of the castle, check out Pixel-Dan's over forty minutes review of the castle on Youtube or any toysite such as or . Awesome review, awesome castle.
As for MOTU Classics in 2014 , some nice treats are on the way as well. Although she has not been confirmed at the time of me writing this article, Madame Razz is on her way. Even though she has not been seen at the time of this writing, we know she is on her way because we got a look at Broom from the last Toy Fair / Comic Con . As all you She-Ra fans know that Broom is her sidekick from the Filmation series. Be on the look out for Scorpia and Modulok as well.
                        I hate being negative, but on a down note, 2013 also saw what might perhaps be
the end of the DC Universe Classics line. While MOTU Classics successfully reached its goal for a 2014 subscription , the DC Universe Classics franchise did not achieve its goal of reaching a certain number of subscribers. The good news though is that Mattel at the time made it clear that more options are being explored. That they'll try to see what else they can do to save the line. Let's pray and hope they get something done. I want to see DCU Classics continue, and so do many others.
             2013 was a decent year for Marvel Legends. This was also the year that ( build-a-figures ) BAFs got smaller. No more large giants, as we were introduced to the Rocket Raccoon and Hit Monkey Series . I was not bothered by this change, because BAFs are fun to put together no matter what size they are.
As for that old saying "change is good ", perhaps there is some truth to that when it comes to the packaging of WWE Mattel figures. As you can see the red and white colors have been replaced with blue and white. Or have they? Judge for yourself on which look you like the best.
2013 was also the year we got to see Star Wars figures in a new height scale. For the first time ever, Star Wars action figures are introduced as 6" scaled figures in a toy line referred to as " The Black Series" . And the first wave did not disappoint, introducing fan favorites such as Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 .
There you have it folks. A look back at some of the toys / action figures of 2013 . Here's hoping and praying that 2014 ends up being a lot better too, not just for toys, but in your lives as well. May the good Lord bless you all for this new year. HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE !!!!

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