Sunday, October 19, 2014

A look back at old Wrestling Figure Advertisements .

Here's a look at some old ads from some Toyfare magazines of wrestling figures . The thing that is nice about wrestling figures in my opinion , is that one does not even have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy wrestling figures. And the reason I say this is because a lot of wrestling action figures come with a lot of cool accessories . Some wrestling action figures even have better accessories than super hero action figures in my opinion . Also wrestling figures are easier to customize than super hero figures . Because of lesser clothing , they can easily be transformed into regular everyday people or super heroes themselves. A lot of super hero figures are tougher to customize because of things like armor getting in the way , weapon attachments on parts of their anatomy , capes , masks , etc . Here is a look back at some old ads by Jakks Pacific and WWE Mattel . Plus one ad from the Toybiz ( TNA ) Total Nonstop Action Wrestling series .

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed browsing through these or may even found something you may be interested in if you do not own it already . Check the ARCHIVES of this blog for something similar I did with Movie Action figures. Expect more toy category advertisements in the near future.

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