Monday, October 13, 2014

A look back at some notable action figure reveals at New York Comic Con 2014 !!!

I did not attend NYCC 2014, so this is basically armchair coverage from what I've read and discovered from the internet . NONE of these pictures are mine . They belong to . I'm just using the pics as reference material . Whenever these conventions occur , the main toy lines I seek information on in no particular order are Masters of the Universe Classics , WWE Mattel , Star Wars Black Series , Marvel Legends, and DC Collectibles . I like Transformers, G.I. Joe and others also , but the aforementioned are the ones I usually seek information on first . Here is a look at some of my favorite reveals from this year's NYCC , starting with MOTU Classics .

( Note ) Even though it says MattyCollector on the pics, they are actually from . The MOTUC reveal I like the best is Angella . So much to like about her. The skirt piece / tunic has been redesigned to look more like the cartoon look . Her appearance also almost completes the Princess of Power faction, plus you can reunite her with her daughter, Glimmer . As for Blast Attack , he looks cool but I'm kind of disappointed that his vintage action feature is no more as we were told. That he will not be able to split apart . Squeeze in my opinion looks like a clone of his vintage version . And the good news on him is that he will still have the bendy arms, so that you can make him do grabbing and catching poses . And what I like best about Multi-Bot is that you can mix and match his parts with Modulok , creating Mega-Beast .
There were a few Star Wars Black six inch figures to get excited over too . Take a look at Emperor Palpatine .
Now for a look at the figures that got me excited the most . The Sons of Anarchy figures by Mezco . Even though they are just ordinary people instead of super heroes , these are the best looking figures of regular people in my opinion since the days of those old Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures . So much detail in these figures, in their faces and clothing . Plus they are in six inch scale .

Even though the articulation is limited , they look really great . I will definitely purchase these when they come out . I was disappointed to see no coverage of WWE Mattel figures, but like myself  Mattel was not at this year's NYCC . However they were able to make Youtube videos of second quarter 2015 MOTUC figures . There were some more nice reveals also, such as a 24 inch Voltron and some Mortal Kombat figures, however what I'm reviewing over here is tops on my list from the show . Head on over to if you have not already for more detailed coverage of NYCC 2014 . The is another great site for bonus coverage of the event .

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