Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!! October 2014 Contest has some loose incomplete MOTU TREATS for the winner !!!

Here are some figures I am giving away for the October 2014 Contest . You can win seven loose vintage Masters of the Universe figures . All figures are loose and incomplete . Here are some notes on a few of them with some issues in no particular order .

(1) Dragstor - his wheel does not roll.

(2) Whiplash - There is some paint wear on his face.

(3) Sy-Klone - missing wrist rings and helmet ring

(4) Kobra Khan - squirt feature not working.

(5) Mantenna - paint wear on eyes.

Despite the flaws, I assume that many of you may want these guys anyway, even if you already own them . You can use them as TRADE BAIT , or CUSTOM FODDER .

Here are some pics of the figures that you can win .

And now here is the TRIVIA QUESTION 
( 1 ) Give me the name of the figure .

( 2 ) The name of the toy line . 

( 3 ) The name of the company . 

As always all contests are 30 days long . Contest expires November 29, 2014 . As always the first correct answer is the winner. Good luck to all . Have a Happy and safe Halloween !!!


  1. Or Black Widow Marvel Legends Toybiz

  2. Congratulations Bro Midnight Marvel Legends Toybiz Warbird is correct !!! You are the winner of the October 2014 Contest !!!