Monday, October 20, 2014

TOY STORIES - Installment Number One !!!

Welcome to a new series I'm starting here on Action Figure Imagery . This series is called " Toy Stories " , with a little nod of respect given to the Toy Story movie franchise since toys are involved . This series will cover toys from a NEWS perspective . Every now and then toys may make news headlines for obvious reasons . Not very often however, two stories have made headlines this week involving toys. One made national headlines , and the other was just mainly news to us MOTU Classics collectors .
( NOTE ) I will NOT repeat every word these articles have. I will just post links to the articles and give my views and opinions on each subject matter .

             First up is the story of a Florida mom starting a petition to have the Breaking Bad action figures removed from the shelves of Toys R Us . Why ? Because she claims that today's kids try to imitate the action figures they have and according to her these Breaking Bad figures definitely have some "bad" things about them, such as meth bottles and prison jumpsuits. You can read the article by clicking this link
Now here are some pictures of the toys the woman is referring to, for those of you whom may not know. CNN is not the only media outlet with news of this . The following pic is courtesy of .
My opinion on this story is that there is way more important stuff in the world to worry over . For any parent that does not feel like these toys are right for their kids, simply just do not buy these toys for your kids . Simple as that . Don't spoil the fun of us adult collectors that intend on buying these toys ourselves. I like the Breaking Bad figures myself . And just because some of the accessories contain negative content such as drug paraphernalia does not mean that the buyer is into that stuff . I sure as heck is not. I just happen to like the figures as I already mentioned .
                   The other big toy news story to make headlines this past week is the resigning
of Scott " Toy Guru " Neitlich from Mattel . The website Action Figure Insider was first to report the news and you can listen to Scott's interview with AFI by clicking this link .
The following pic is also courtesy of Action Figure Insider
As many of you already knew, Scott was the Marketing Brand Manager over the Masters of the Universe Classics among other lines at Mattel . With a big emphasis on the word " WAS " . He has taken his talents to another toy company .
My questions remain the following .
( 1 ) With Scott gone, what will be the fate of the MOTUC line after all of the vintage are made in the 2015 subscription ?
( 2 ) Will there be a 2016 rebranding of the line ?
I hope that who ever Mattel hires to replace Scott, I hope this person has a passion for the line along with interacting with fans . Those were two benefits of having Scott as the Brand Manager .

That's it for now folks . Those are the two stories making headlines involving toys this week . You will see more " Toy Stories " in the future just in case more stories similar to these occur .

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