Friday, December 19, 2014

Disney Pixar - TOY STORY - Aqua Adventure Woody Review .

This is my first purchase of any Toy Story action figure . However I purchased this version of Woody because of his cool accessories and not the figure itself . Although the figure is not bad and was purchased at a good price at a local Walmart for $ 9.97 . This is a good deal because there are not many action figures you can purchase below ten dollars these days . This is not a normal review with the Final Thoughts categories, because there is not a whole lot to discuss. However the figure is definitely worth buying .

I love how the packaging is designed . The front , back and the interior has some nice artwork . If you pay close attention to the back packaging you'll notice that Woody is standing on what looks like beach sand . And take a look at the nice artwork of the interior in the pic below . 
I love how you can see the rays of the Sun gleaming through the water . Plus I did not notice at first that Buzz-Lightyear was wearing scuba gear instead of his regular astronaut suit , until I saw the package interior . 
When you remove Woody from the packaging you'll discover that he's a mixture of hard plastic and a soft rubbery plastic . His torso is made up of the hard plastic and the rest of him is the soft rubbery kind, even his head . 

As you can see he is a little over four inches tall and just a tad below five inches tall . The articulation on the figure is basic and simple . The head turns side to side and all around . The arms and legs move up and down, no outward movement . No articulation in the elbows and knees . I like how these figures look exactly as they do in the movies . Now for a look at Woody's scuba accessories . 
Five different accessories . Two fins , one snorkel mask , one oxygen backpack tank and a mechanical grabbing device . The claw like accessory is mobile on one end and not on the other . As I mentioned earlier , the accessories are the main reason I made this purchase . And the reason why is that these pieces can be used with six inch scaled figures such as Marvel Legends or DC Universe  Classics . Below is proof as I use a DCUC Cheetah figure ( the Barbara Minerva version ) as a display model . 

As you can see the accessories fit very well . The fins however may fit better on barefoot shoe less figures, the main reason I picked this figure for this display purpose because she fits the description of a shoe less figure / character . I also love the clearness of the mask with its blue tint . Even though I purchased this Woody figure for the accessories, the figure itself is nice and makes a great display piece if you like cartoon like action figures and characters . The figure is made by Mattel .