Friday, December 26, 2014

DOLLAR STORE FINDS - PART THREE !!! Special Force Action Playset

I purchased these four soldier figures at a local Dollar Tree . These guys were not given names, so I'll have to describe them via descriptions throughout this summarized review . Unlike most dollar store and discount store toys, these guys are made of hard sturdy plastic that is not easy to break . All of these figures have the same basic articulation . All of the figures arms and legs move up and down, no outward movement . The heads turn side to side and all around . Each figure comes with a good number of accessories .

As you can see each figure comes with no less than three accessories . Nice accessories at that . These weapons can easily fit in with your six inch scaled super hero figures such as Marvel Legends or DC Universe Classics, just in case if you do not want to use the accessories with these guys but with another toy line . Now for a look at all of the figures and their accessories out of the packaging .

Since these figures were not given names, I'll refer to the above figure as " the Red Head Guy " . The five weapons you see in the pic below him belong to him .

The above " Ninja looking Guy" comes with all of the accessories in the above pic .

The " Silver Armored Guy " comes with the three accessories you see above .

Finally , the " Guy with the moustache " came with the two guns combined with the suitcase . As you can see the suitcase opens and closes, plus it is one of my favorite accessories out of all of the figures. Also notice that the name of the toy company is imprinted on the exterior of the suitcase, Greenbrier International Inc .
Now for a group pic of all of the figures together .
While in the packaging , I thought that all of these guys were the same height . However that assumption does not appear to be true . The "guy with the moustache " seems to be the shortest of the bunch . The " silver armored suit guy " seems to be the tallest .  If you want some extra weapons for your Marvel Legends or any other super hero line, then pic these guys up if you can find them .  Despite being dollar store toys, they are definitely worth the purchase in my opinion because of the variety of accessories. Plus the figures are pretty neat too . They are very colorful and can blend in well with both five inch and six inch scaled action figures .


  1. Interesting I have not ran across these...yet.

  2. Good luck in finding them John . Either in person or on Ebay .

    1. I have one that I'm listing on Facebook tonight. Thanks for the info everyone.