Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Toy Line FLASH BACK - Volume ONE - WCW Toybiz

Here's a new feature I'm introducing to the site I call " Old Toy Line Flash Back " . This will be a continuing segment where I take a look back at some very old toys / action figures from many years ago . Also another purpose of this new segment is to introduce collectors to toy lines they may have not known existed . This first volume focuses on the WCW ( World Championship Wrestling ) figures made by Toybiz . These figures were introduced around the late 1990s and the early 2000s . Here is a look and a brief summary of some of those WCW Toybiz figures that I have in my collection .

This toy line was not as huge and did not have no where near as many figures as the old WWE toy line by Jakks Pacific . As for a brief summary of the figures , here goes . Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth came together in a two pack . So did Ric Flair, Chris Benoit , Dean Malenko and Steve McMichael came together in a package as the Four Horsemen . Diamond Dallas Page AKA DDP is displaying a symbol for his finishing maneuver called the "diamond cutter " . Listed as brothers when they wrestled , although I'm not sure if they were brothers in real life , Booker T and Stevie Ray did not come together. Even though they were tag team partners , both figures are sold separately . And as you can see the Hulkster , Hulk Hogan comes as his NWO ( New World Order ) self instead of his vintage WWE look . The Referee came as a bonus figure with some one. I do not remember who he came with because I won him off of an Ebay auction by himself, as a loose figure several years ago . Even though Dennis Rodman is a former NBA basketball player , he made some guest star appearances on WCW television , thus earning an action figure . Not to mention that Dennis also came with three of the coolest accessories in the whole line in my opinion . A ripped basketball goal , a pink hat and a shiny silver jacket .

Even though the basketball backboard came ripped apart, I glued my backboard together with Crazy Glue . I'm hoping to make a full basketball post out of this thing one day, complete with stand , base, and maybe a net for the rim . The Ric Flair figure also came with a cool shiny robe .
These figures are still cool today in my opinion despite looking somewhat outdated . Even though they are no where near being on the same level as far as articulation and realism goes compared to today's WWE Mattel figures , they are still in a league of their own when it comes down to great action figures . Oh yeah I almost forgot . ( NOTE ) Miss Elizabeth is the ONLY female figure in the line , for those of you whom may not have known . I hope you enjoyed this Flash Back everyone . I'll have more segments like these in future articles .


  1. I seem to remember more of these like Raven with a Daredevil T-Shirt, Chris Jericho with a lion tamer gimmick and Hardcore Ham aka the Sandman.

  2. Yeah there were quite a few of these guys. Even though I don't have any of the guys you've mentioned , I definitely remember those figures . I might purchase the remaining ones I don't have some day .

  3. The referee originally came with Kevin Nash.

    These were a great companion series to the Jakks WWF line, as well as the short-lived ECW toy-line. My best friend and I used to collect all three, so we could "book" our own massive federation.

  4. Thanks for the help the Trash man about where the referee came from . That was a cool idea you and your best friend came up with , combining the lines .