Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Action Figure Imagery !!! A look at Action Figure Imagery's CHRISTMAS WISH LIST of action figures !!!

Merry Christmas everyone . I've decided to pay tribute to this Christmas Day of 2014 by explaining what I wish to see happen in the world of action figures in 2015 . Here is a list of things I wish to see in the forthcoming year , in no particular order . Here goes .

( 1 ) SIX  INCH  G.I. JOE  FIGURES - I've heard rumors about a possibility of six inch Joes . Don't know if they are true or not , but I hope they are . Since Hasbro can do Star Wars in this scale , why not the Joes too ? For the first wave I'd like the following . For the first made Joes I want Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes , and General Hawk . For Cobra I'd like to see Cobra Commander , Baroness, Destro,and Serpentor . Cobra Commander could come with two alternate heads . One head is his mask with the holes cut out for his eyes, and the other with his helmeted mask that covers his whole face .

( 2 ) DIFFERENT  BODIES  FOR  THE  WWE MATTEL  FEMALE  FIGURES - This is more about how I want certain figures to be made than about a particular figure . I wish Mattel would start giving the female wrestlers different bodies . The male wrestler figures do not share the same bodies, but a majority of the female wrestler figures do. The female figures are still cool in my opinion but I want them to have different bodies just like the men do .

( 3 ) THE  RETURN  OF  DC UNIVERSE  CLASSICS - Please Mattel bring this line back immediately . Us fans must think of a way to convince Mattel that we want this line to return . But how? Start a petition ???

( 4 ) MY  CHRISTMAS WISH  LIST  FOR  MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS - Too many to name but here are a select few . Snake Mountain , The Meteorbs , Granita , Veena , More Filmation characters, more mini comic characters, just to name a few .

( 5 ) MORE  SIX  INCH  SCALED  FIGURES  FROM THE  WORLD  OF  NINTENDO  LINE - Some day I would love to see six inch scale figures of all of the boxers from the Punch-Out franchise, including Mike Tyson himself . And don't forget about Doc Louis and Little Mac .

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my little run down of what I'd like to see happen next in the world of toys . MERRY CHRISTMAS again and may God bless you all !!! Before I go, here's a small group pic to keep this article from being just all words and no pictures .