Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Action Figure ART WORK - PART ONE !!!

Besides collecting action figures as a favorite hobby, I also like to take pictures of figures and display them in an artistic setting , especially if a certain setting applies to a specific character . The following are a few examples .
He-Man transformation with background lightning .
Moss Man in his natural environment , a forest setting .
Birdie from the Street Fighter video game franchise , hanging out where you might expect him to , in an alley way on the city streets.
Alfred from the Batman franchise, working on his laptop in the mansion . ( NOTE ) Even though it's NOT the Wayne Manor Mansion , inside of a mansion is where one will normally find Alfred .
The REAL Kobe Bryant can not walk the city streets without being mobbed by thousands of fans, unless he wears a disguise of course , lol . However Kobe the action figure can walk anywhere and not be bothered . That is if he was real of course, lol .
Next up are pictures of action figures with real comic books in their hands , or at least the covers .

For those of you whom may not know , making these comic books this size is easy to do . Here are the steps you must take .
( 1 ) Scan any comic you wish to choose , most likely the front cover, into your computer's hard drive.
( 2 ) When you get ready to print the covers, set your printer's features to print at the sizes you see in the above pics .
( 3 ) After the comic covers are printed in this miniature size , take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the covers out of the paper they're in, and that's it . You're done . These are the steps you must take to make these covers, because that's exactly what I did to make them .
If you want an action figure to hold them , make sure you choose a figure with an open fist that has very little space between the thumb and index finger .
I hope you all enjoyed this article . There will be more of these in the future .

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