Sunday, April 17, 2016

WWE Elite Hall of Fame 2005 - Jimmy " Mouth of the South " Hart REVIEW !!!

I've been wanting an action figure of Jimmy Hart ever since Mattel acquired the WWE license back in 2010 . Now that he's finally here, I am thrilled to add another manager figure to my collection. Hart is the second figure of managers in my collection. Paul Heyman was the first. Besides Jimmy , other WWE Mattel managers that have their own action figures are the aforementioned Heyman , Teddy Long and Paul Bearer as build a figures . I purchased this figure of Jimmy Hart at a local Target for around 19.99 . I was shocked to see a figure of Hart, because I saw no advertisements for this figure at all over the internet. Not even Ringside Collectibles mentioned him . I did not know a Jimmy Hart figure existed, so I was both surprised and glad to see him .

As you can see Jimmy was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005 . Plus he seems the be the only  " First time in the Line " figure in this new Hall of Fame series , as Ted Dibiase and Randy Savage already had action figures of themselves in the line. What's odd however is that the words " First time in the Line " are not on the packaging , which are usually there whenever a never before made figure is introduced . Not sure what happened , either the words were forgotten to be placed or the decision to not present them was an option . The WWE Hall of Fame series in my opinion have some nice looking background blue inserts as shown below.
Now for a look at the Jimmy Hart figure out of the packaging.

A very cool action figure in my opinion . I love having figures with one hand open and the other a closed fist . Different hand gestures allow for multiple display options . I love how his hair stands high off of his forehead , just like the real life person . Also, notice how the packaging did not mention the mega phone . Depending on how you view things, one could say that Jimmy comes with one or more accessories . If you stretch his arms to the side or raise them above his head, the jacket can be removed if you prefer to remove it . The tie is bendy and the waist band can rotate . If you wish to remove the waistband then you may have to cut it off with some scissors . As for the glasses / shades , you do not have to worry about them falling off of his face , because there are slit openings in his sideburns that hold them in place . Wow, I just made a rhyme without trying to , lol . Have a look at Jimmy without his shades below .
If you look closely you can probably see the open slits in the sideburns that I was referring to . They definitely help keep the glasses secure on his face. Jimmy having a lot of hair made this option possible too. I wish that some of the past figures with glasses had this luxury or something similar to it . The facial expression displayed is perfect for poses with the megaphone, with his mouth wide open as if he is screaming instructions to one of his wrestlers. The wide eye look gives a feeling of nervousness or urgency. Great job by the design team . Below are some poses of Jimmy as if he is talking or screaming instructions through the megaphone.

It is difficult to get the megaphone nearer to his mouth then the above pics show. What is seen above is as close as I can get the megaphone to his mouth. This does not bother me however, because it still looks as if he is screaming or giving directions with the above poses . Now for more detailed looks at the jacket, the back and the interior .

I assume the writing of Jimmy's name on the back is a copy of the real Jimmy's hand writing .It is amazing of the things that toy designers can do with toys these days . Throughout his tenure as a WWE Manager , Jimmy Hart has managed many wrestlers over his career . Below are some comparison shots of Hart standing side by side to a few of his wrestlers that I have figures of in my collection .

Above are just a few of Hart's wrestlers that join him in this line . These guys are not the only Hart wrestlers available as figures in this line, there are more . I'm sure just about all of you know who these guys are but for those whom may not , pictured from top to bottom are Earthquake , Kamala the Ugandan Giant , Ravishing Rick Rude , and finally The Iron Sheik , in that order .
                                                       FINAL    THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Hart has the same basic excellent all around articulation that all WWE Elite figure have. Even better news is that the jacket and waistband does not hinder the movements .

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - The figure stands very well with no balance issues .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - Finally owning a WWE Mattel version of Jimmy Hart is a luxury itself . He is a Hall of Famer after all and legendary manager . MY favorite features about this figure is the facial expression with the wide open eyes and mouth , perfect for screaming poses with the megaphone. I love the design of the jacket and the megaphone, and the idea that the glasses stay firmly in place .

( 4 ) WHAT  I   LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - There is nothing that I dislike about this action figure .

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? Nothing . No need for improvements, Hart is perfect the way he is .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - A Perfect TEN !!! I could find no flaws .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - It is always a great feeling to finally own a figure that I have been wanting for a long time . Especially action figures of managers . Glad to finally have Hart , although I am still waiting on action figures of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan , Mr. Fuji , among others . Hopefully they'll come soon or one day .


  1. Very, very cool. They did a great job with him! I love the detail on the jacket!