Sunday, April 24, 2016

Action Figure Tribute to Kobe Bryant !!! Plus a look back at the NBA Heroes Kobe Bryant Review .

Since future NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant recently retired , I decided to pay tribute to him in action figure style. For those of you who may have missed my review of the NBA Heroes version by Jazwares back in 2015 , here is a link to that review .

The Jazwares NBA Heroes Bryant is the only action figure of Kobe that I own in my collection .  Of course there are more figures of Kobe by other companies, especially the Mcfarlane figures . The following are a look at a few . ( NOTE ) These pics do NOT belong to me. They are from other sites around the web . I'm just using them as reference .

Those All Star Vinyl figures seem to be like an anime version of players, because they look more cartoonish looking than realistic . The 12 inch Enterbay figures are the most realistic action figures I've seen , along with Hot Toys. That version of Kobe Bryant is also expensive , around the 200 dollar mark . Kobe is not the only big name athlete to retire this year . Future NFL Hall of Famer Peyton Manning also retired this year, although I do not own any action figures of Peyton Manning . If some company makes a 6 inch version of Peyton with similar articulation to the Jazwares Kobe figure, I'll definitely will buy one . And it does not matter rather he is in his Indianapolis Colts or Denver Broncos uniform , as long as the figure is cool and comes with a removable football helmet .

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