Sunday, October 23, 2016

Memphis Comic Expo 2016 toy pictures and more !!!

I went to my first comic convention ever. The 2016 Memphis Comic Expo was held October 22 through the 23rd. Even though this is a comic book convention, there seemed to be just as many toys and action figures as there were comics. This event is now an annual event that takes place in Memphis, Tennessee . This year's event was held at the Cook Convention Center . First pictures are of some toys and action figures, then on to other pics such as cosplay, props and replicas and one celebrity sighting .

There was a booth with lots of Masters of the Universe merchandise. It had everything from the 1980s to the MOTU Classic figures, including what is probably considered the holy grail of the MOTU franchise, the Eternia playset . Now for a look at a lot of the other toys and figures.

As you can see there was a mixture of old toys mixed in with today's current ones. The great thing about most comic con conventions, is that you do not have to pay tax . The price you see listed is exactly what you pay, no taxes . Also as you can see some figures are sold for a lot cheaper than they are at retail whereas some are higher than retail prices or remain the same. That Legend of Zelda shield is life sized by the way. Speaking of props and replicas, have a look at three more. WWE Hall of Famer and Pro Wrestler Jerry"The King" Lawler's Batmobiles, a life size Wolverine statue, and real life championship wrestling belts that the pro wrestlers actually use.

Like I mentioned earlier, those Batmobiles belong to Jerry Lawler, pictured above at his booth. Impressed with those championship belts? If you would like to have one or more than visit . Now for a look at some cosplayers.

Go to Memphis Comics and Collectibles Face Book page to get more information about this annual event . The admission fee this year was $ 20 dollars for a one day pass, I'm not sure about more than one day though because I went only one day. It is an event that is held over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed the coverage and the pics !!!

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