Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fun with Diorama Play Sets Part One !!! Mi World Dairy Queen !!!

This article is not really a review . It is more of an " entertainment " post than anything else . Since this play set came out a few years ago by Jakks Pacific there is no need for a review because it already has been reviewed by various toy reviewers . I've had this play set in my collection for a while and just decided to entertain you with the following pics .

 A business suit and tie figure from the Happy Worker toy line . My only gripes about this plays set is that the table is not high enough for most six inch scaled figures . And a lot of the food items are too big to fit in the hands of most six inch scaled figures .
 I like how the " camera flash" makes the covers of the cakes in the fridge look as if they are reflecting light, just like real plastic clear cake covers . Very neat effect .

 If you want a lot of figures / people to stand in line, it may be best to use two different lines for this effect because the set itself is not big enough for a lot of figures .

 The Poster board is great for advertising scenes .

A lot of the female figures from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer six inch scaled line fit in the chair and behind the table a lot better than most Marvel Legends and other six inch scaled figures . That's it for now and I hope you enjoyed the pics .

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