Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018 and two comic book ads !!!

Happy Halloween to everyone enjoy the day and be safe !!!Kids make sure you are accompanied by an adult family member and if you go Trick or Treating visit only people that you know . Not just kids but everyone be safe and God bless !!! Now for a look back at an old comic book ad that featured Hulk and Spider-Man costumes . I'm sure many of you old schoolers out there remember these . Even though the whole ad is not toy related but the top portion is Halloween related.
 The only toy related item in the above ad is that spinning device. Plus notice the prices back then, after all it was the 1970s , things were not as expensive back then and the cost of living was not as high . The ad below however is from the 1990s, PRE - Marvel Legends , before Legends . Again enjoy your Halloween !!!

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