Sunday, October 14, 2018

My thoughts on the 2018 New York Comic Con

Even though I did not attend the New York Comic Con , I've browsed online coverage of it from various websites . I'll be honest, the action figure reveals were not enough. Don't get me wrong there were some nice reveals, but I was disappointed that most of the toy lines that I collect today had very little to show at the 2018 NYCC . There were no new WWE Mattel reveals, no new Masters of the Universe Classics reveals, however Marvel Legends and the Star Wars Black Series had a few nice reveals . Although the " number " of figures revealed turned out to be disappointing , it's the " NEWS HEAD LINES " of the show that really stood out . Some possible good news for toy collectors.

The first good news that I think all of us collectors like is the fact that Toys R Us having a change of heart about closing all the stores. Thoughts of them making a come back through re branding and starting over . However the name may not stay the same as it is to be rebranded into Geoffrey's Toybox according to this article on  - .

Other than the upbeat news about Toys R Us possibly returning , the only other big announcement was the return of the Movie Maniac figures according to Todd McFarlane . Here is a link to this article also courtesy of ToyNewsi  - .

Despite there not being many major reveals from the big name toy companies, there were some cool items I liked from the Star Wars Black and Marvel Legends lines. Pictures are courtesy of The Fwoosh and Toyark .

Not pictured is Corvus Glaive . It's nice that Thanos Black Order team can be nearly completed with the additions of Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive . Also a new Blanka figure from the Street Fighter franchise is on the way by S.H. Figuarts. It's also nice to see a Night Thrasher figure representing Marvel's New Warriors. Hopefully his presence is a sign of more New Warriors to come soon, and popular Star Wars villain General Grievous looks to be finally getting the Star Wars Black treatment along with Dr. Aphra . There were some other nice reveals too from other toy lines but these are the ones that got my attention the most .

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